Georgie Boy


took you back to where you were a lad
carried you all the way
into the woods they call The Spaniards
one September day

I’d bought some flowers from the flower stand
they weren’t cheap nor were they dear
then up the hill past the round pond
now you and I are here

come home Georgie boy – you’re home Georgie boy

that night in the hospital
your mind was in the past
playing soldiers in these woods
through the looking-glass

your family stood around you
as you gambolled in the sun
there was rain on the window
and plenty more to come

why why Georgie boy – bye bye Georgie boy

then I took off my rucksack
on a mound where two trees grew
they leaned away from each other
like I’d never done with you

into the complicated leaves
you poured till all was done
I glimpsed a thin boy running
with a stick for a gun

sleep now Georgie boy – deep now Georgie boy

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